"I love the layout! Easy to follow and stay on task!"

- Mary

  • Improve Your Focus

    Prioritize important tasks and avoid distractions that steal your time and energy.

  • Create Healthier Habits

    Avoid burnout and stress by making healthy changes to your routine.

  • Grow Your Mindset

    Create a more balanced day where you accomplish more while gaining time to rest and enjoy life.

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  • Shipped Daily From Pittsburgh, PA

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A healthy, science-backed strategy to reach your goals.

Boost Goal Achievement: Increase your success rate by 33%
Reduced Digital Distraction: Foster a more mindful and productive planning experience.
Tangible Record of Progress: Gain a satisfying sense of accomplishment and a concrete record of your personal and professional growth.

"Best planner ever!"

"I was taken by surprise this simple easy to use journal holds me accountable and makes my day so much easier."

- Kiara

Common Questions

What is the difference between Define My Day and Define My Day Platinum?

Define My Day is our original planner design. Its a portable 6x9" size that comes in multiple colors and patterns. Available in a 12-week 3-pack, this is the one that started it all!

Define My Day Platinum Edition was developed for people who wanted more space on each page in a larger format.

It also contains 13 weeks in each book including our new Rest and Recovery process that helps you regroup and evaluate your progress before your next planner.

Why is there no calendar?

Our planners are designed to gently guide your mind toward a balanced priority mindset independent of a calendar.

One of our primary goals in the Defined Life Process is to help you develop a repeatable routine that improves your productivity and reduces burnout. Trying to make it align with a calendar would work against that goal.

Our users typically use their phones, computers, or small dated calendar to schedule priorities and appointments.

Is it dated?

It is not! You can start anytime. Most of our customers find it useful to goal plan on Sunday night and make the first Defined Day a Monday. Then, every "Day 1" will be on a Monday, developing a strong rhythm to the week.

How big is each book?

The original Define My Day Planner & Journal is 1" thick and contains 4 weeks in each book. Usually sold in a 3-pack. It has a convenient 6x9", wire-bound size that travels well.

Define My Day Platinum Edition has 13-weeks in each hardcover book. It is 8.5x11" and comes with a storage sleeve.

How is the Defined Life System different?

Our planners were designed from the perspective of a busy person who has little time to waste.

Rather than make you spend time trying to fit your life into a restrictive and time-consuming planning process, Define My Day is meant to gently guide your daily actions to align with your long-term goals while improving your mindset and health a little bit each day.

I don't have time to do this!

Then you really need it. If you're that busy, chances are you need take some tasks off of your plate.

Our goal is to help you stop spending time on tasks that provide you little benefit and learn to direct your attention toward impactful priorities while also making time to rest and enjoy your life!

I have ADHD, will it work for me?

Absolutely! A primary struggle for our ADHD customers is properly prioritizing all of the many tasks they have.

Our system helps you develop a stronger relationship with your down-the-road goals and trains you to move toward them in consistent, small daily steps.

Define My Day also helps you better identify when your attention gets pulled toward distraction while building mindfulness and focus.

I can do this in a notebook!

You can. But that's the opposite of what we're trying to help you do. In the time it takes you to develop and outline an effective planning process, you could have already been improving your life with ours.

Less daily friction is the key. Less work. Less extra tasks. Making it easy is an absolutely necessary part of the process. Rather than trying to re-create our process, use ours and do something great!

What if I don't like it?

You can return it for a refund! But first, give it a chance. Use it for a week or two and we think you'll notice less stress and improved focus. But if not, just return your unused portion and we'll refund your order.

We also offer a 2x your $ guarantee on the Transformation Kit. If you follow the process for 6 months and don't love it, you can keep the kit and we'll pay you 2x the cost of the kit when you bought it.

We believe in this system that much!