Discipline is the Key to Success

Discipline is the Key to Success

Discipline is what will get you closer to your goals. The fact of the matter is the people that succeed most often have disciplined routines, processes, and habits. Every so often, you hear about someone that got lucky but, for the most part, it's the people that strive to improve every day that achieve the most success.
In Leading an Inspired Life, Jim Rohn says that "Discipline is like a set of magic keys that can unlock all the doors of wealth, happiness, culture, high self-esteem, pride, joy, accomplishment, satisfaction, and success."
That is absolutely true. Leading an undisciplined life and expecting any of those positive results is wishful thinking. So, where do you start? Start by adding small disciplines to your daily routine.

Small Daily Disciplines and Habits.

In the Define My Day focus journal, we start you off with the six most important vital behaviors that you should perform each day. They are:
  1. Eat Well
  2. Exercise
  3. Rest
  4. Drink Water
  5. Read
  6. Positive Interaction
It's up to each individual to determine how much of each is enough. However, some form of each should be considered required behavior to reach your potential.

Add More Discipline

Don't stop with our list. Add disciplines to your daily life as you see a need. Meditation is one of the first additional disciplines that will have a great overall mind and body benefit. Beyond that, it's really up to you. Here are some examples:
  • Walking the dog daily would provide both of you with exercise, fresh air, and maybe even help you meet new people in the neighborhood.
  • Commit to waking up at a specific time to strengthen your daily rhythm.
  • Spend a specific, daily amount of focused time with a loved one.
  • Take on a daily chore that would organize your or please a loved one.
  • Show appreciation to someone new each day.
  • Commit to a daily work habit that would progress your career.
  • Any healthy habit you need to improve like brushing your teeth after every meal or washing your face at night.

Start Small and Focus on Improvement

Your daily disciplines could be anything. Start small and work on consistency and improvement. If you find that a certain discipline doesn't fit your goals, replace it with another. This is a discovery process. Learn as you go and keep striving to improve.
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