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Improve Your Focus & Reduce Overwhelm

The Define My Day Planner & Journal helps you connect the dots to reach your goals while avoiding distractions that pull you in every direction.

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"I love the layout as it guides me to focus and control my ADD brain. Very well coordinated!"


  • Stress

    There is simply too much to do. It's exhausting and awful for your health.

  • Burnout

    Your motor is always running and it's hard to enjoy hobbies, time with the people you love, or simply relax.

  • Feeling Stuck

    There are too many options and they all feel like too much. It's almost easier to let them pick themselves.

Over 100,000 People Are Changing Their Lives With Define My Day.

You deserve a life you enjoy too. Join our active community and begin taking steps toward a life you love.

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Finally, a simple plan to follow.

Set your goals.
Plan daily steps toward them.
Review your progress.

Step 1

Choose Your Planner

Define My Day Original Edition for portability or the hardcover Platinum Edition for more room and durability.

Step 2

Download Your Welcome Kit

The included Welcome Kit gives you everything you need to get started TODAY. Planning pages, self-assessment, tips, goal setting help... you'll be making changes in no time.

Define My Day Planner

Step 3

Start Planning a Life You Love

Your planners will arrive within a week. Get ready to define a life you love and enjoy!

Get 2x Your Money Back!

You will get amazing results in 6 months with the Transformation Kit or get 2x your money back. We guarantee it.

What's included in the

Transformation Kit

Printable Welcome Kit

Available to you instantly. You can get started today by planning your goals and we even included planner pages so you can start the process!

The Define Life Planner

You get a FREE copy of the Defined Life Planner. A 13-week planner that helps you get used to the daily rhythm of Define My Day.

6 Months of Define My Day Planners

Choose 6 original Define My Day Planners, 2 Platinum Edition hardcover planners, or mix n match to mindfully plan a life you love!

Online Courses

FREE access to our online course library with detailed instruction on how to use each planner, improve your mindset, and get the best results possible.

Free Accessories

We know you want some cool accessories too. So we included what you need to get started with pens and organizational tools.

Exclusive Mastermind Access

Join us for our monthly Mastermind Meeting and learn from Nick and the rest of your peers as we create lives we love.

2x Money Back Guarantee!

If you complete this process and are unhappy with your results (you won't be!) we'll refund your purchase price PLUS, as a thank you for trying it, double your money back!

How It Works


Set Goals

Set goals in four key areas that create a well-rounded and healthy life you desire.


Create Milestones

Break your goals down into manageable weekly milestones that help you space your progress.


Prioritize Small Steps Forward

Take daily steps toward your milestones.

Nightly - Weekly - Monthly

Review Your Progress

A blend of prompted journaling and progress review provide you the feedback to mindfully adjust your effort.

  • Daily Disciplines

    Create healthy habits with the included habit tracker in each Define My Day Planner.

  • Mindfulness

    Create affirmations aligned with your ideal self and practice mindfulness and appreciation with daily prompts.

  • Healthy Routine

    The simplicity of our process helps you keep coming back without becoming another burdon.

No More Piles of Unused Planners

Define My Day will be the last planner you need because it was created by someone like you to solve burnout and build a life you love.


Common Questions

What is the difference between Define My Day and Define My Day Platinum?

Define My Day is our original planner design. Its a portable 6x9" size that comes in multiple colors and patterns. Available in a 12-week 3-pack, this is the one that started it all!

Define My Day Platinum Edition was developed for people who wanted more space on each page in a larger format.

It also contains 13 weeks in each book including our new Rest and Recovery process that helps you regroup and evaluate your progress before your next planner.

Why is there not a calendar?

Our planners are designed to gently guide your mind toward a balanced priority mindset independent of a calendar.

One of our primary goals in the Defined Life Process is to help you develop a repeatable routine that improves your productivity and reduces burnout. Trying to make it align with a calendar would work against that goal.

Our users typically use their phones, computers, or small dated calendar to schedule priorities and appointments.

Is it dated?

It is not! You can start anytime. Most of our customers find it useful to goal plan on Sunday night and make the first Defined Day a Monday. Then, every "Day 1" will be on a Monday, developing a strong rhythm to the week.

How big is each book?

The original Define My Day Planner & Journal is 1" thick and contains 4 weeks in each book. Usually sold in a 3-pack. It has a convenient 6x9", wire-bound size that travels well.

Define My Day Platinum Edition has 13-weeks in each hardcover book. It is 8.5x11" and comes with a storage sleeve.

How is this different than any other planner?

Our planners were designed from the perspective of a busy person who has little time to waste.

Rather than make you spend time trying to fit your life into a restrictive and time-consuming planning process, Define My Day is meant to gently guide your daily actions to align with your long-term goals while improving your mindset and health a little bit each day.

How can I find time for this?

If you're too busy, chances are you need to take some tasks off of your plate. That's exactly where Define My Day helps first.

Our goal is to help you stop spending time on tasks that provide you little benefit and learn to direct your attention toward impactful priorities while also making time to rest and enjoy your life!

How does this work with ADHD?

A primary struggle for our ADHD customers is properly prioritizing all of the many tasks they have.

Our system helps you develop a stronger relationship with your down-the-road goals and trains you to move toward them in consistent, small daily steps.

Define My Day also helps you better identify when your attention gets pulled toward distraction while building mindfulness and focus.

Why can't I just do this in a regular notebook?

You can. But that's the opposite of what we're trying to help you do. In the time it takes you to develop and outline an effective planning process, you could have already been improving your life with ours.

Less daily friction is the key. Less work. Less extra tasks. Making it easy is an absolutely necessary part of the process. Rather than trying to recreate our process, use ours and do something great!

What if I don't like it?

You can return it for a refund! But first, give it a chance. Use it for a week or two and we think you'll notice less stress and improved focus. But if not, just return your unused portion and we'll refund your order.

We also offer a 2x your $ guarantee on the Transformation Kit. If you follow the process for 6 months and don't love it, you can keep the kit and we'll pay you 2x the cost of the kit when you bought it. You can find full details in our return policy here.

We believe in this system that much!

What if it doesn't work for me?

You can return it! And with the Transformation Kit, we'll give you 2x your purchase price.

But here's the thing... it will work. You will improve your focus and reach your goals if you follow the process. Are you ready to make a change for the better and define a life you love?

Stop Spinning Your Wheels

Life is too short to feel anything less than focused and confident. You deserve a life you love and enjoy. Start making progress toward it today.

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