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Define My Day

3-Pack Winter - Seasonal Define My Day™ Planner & Journal

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Limited Edition Winter - Seasonal 3-Pack of Define My Day™

Grab our new, limited edition winter covers of Define My Day!

The official Define My Day™ Planner & Journal

Over 100,000 people have used the Define My Day™ Planner & Journal to bring focus to their lives. 

Our customers come from all walks of life. Students, business owners, shift workers, nurses, psychologists and their patients, cancer survivors, retirees, stay-at-home parents... anyone can use Define My Day™ to bring more focus into their lives.

Define My Day™ is the perfect tool to help you develop laser focus on what daily actions will move you toward your ideal life. It provides a structure to develop steady forward progress while being flexible enough for any situation.

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Define My Day™ is the simple planner to help you keep your most important tasks in focus and avoid distractions.

  • Develop a Priority Focus
  • Improve Your Mindset
  • Create Healthy Habits

What you expect after 4 weeks of using Define My Day:

  • Better awareness of where your time goes each day
  • Increased ability to quickly analyze a task and decide to schedule it as a priority or set it aside as a low-level to-do list item
  • Greater discipline to stop letting distractions overtake your day
  • Stronger boundaries with people that steal your time
  • More time to spend with loved ones that matter most
  • More time for leisure activity
  • Accomplished goals
  • Healthier mindset
  • Positive progress

How can one little book that literally takes 10 minutes or less each day do any of this? By walking you through time-honored mindfulness steps that teach you to connect your desires with your daily actions.

Progress in life does not have to be complicated. It can be as simple as consistently looking forward to where you want life to go and then taking small actions today that lead you there.

It's not magic. It's not without effort. It is a proven method to improve your ability to make real progress toward your goals.

More About Define My Day™

Define My Day™ is the ultimate growth tool that helps you grow your awareness of where you invest your time and energy.

You're busy and don't need more work to do. Define My Day™ was created to be a quick and easy way to develop a focus on the most important tasks you need to accomplish to create the life you want.

With your purchase, you also get exclusive access to our private user group of active users. Get advice, motivation, and support plus see real-world examples of how others use Define My Day.

Do not let another day slip away. Begin defining your days now!

Life is crazy. Define My Day is how we can bring it under control.

Develop Focus on What Matters

You're busy and don't need more work to do. Define My Day™ was created to be a quick and easy way to develop a focus on the most important tasks you need to accomplish to create the life you want.

Easy to use, amazing results

A simple, 5 to 10-minute process designed to get you refocused on your goals each day while not creating more busywork. Get it, get out, and get going.

Habit and Discipline Tracking

- Develop daily healthy habits with the weekly tracker
- Six basic disciplines with room to add more
- Grow at your own pace as you become more effective and efficient


- 80% or more of the average person's thoughts can be negative
- Train your brain toward opportunity, positivity, and growth.
- Space for 19 personalized affirmations
- Located just inside the front cover for easy reference


Goal Planning

- Identify how you will move toward your ideal self
- Plan your personal, professional, health, and relationship goals for the next 4 weeks
- Identify key weekly milestones that will move you toward your goals
- Each week, rate your progress and identify ways to improve your results


Daily Focus

- Identify the daily priorities that will move you forward
- Mindset exercises to practice appreciation and positivity
- Identify potential distractions to grow your awareness of what erodes your time and energy.
- The daily ritual that will keep you focused on your goals and your mindset fixed on positivity and growth.

define my day

Nightly Review

- The most successful people in the world journal their thoughts daily
- Get your thoughts on paper about what went right, what went wrong, and how you can improve tomorrow.
- Keep a record of your progress and the story of your defined life.

review my day


  • 4 weeks of goal planning, habit tracking, and journaling per book.
  • 42 lined pages for notes
  • Easy to carry 9x6" size
  • Track monthly personal, professional, and health goals
  • Space for affirmations, weekly milestone planning, and progress review

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