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Define My Day

Define My Day™ Planner & Journal

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Life is crazy.
Define My Day is how we can bring it under control.

Have you ever asked yourself, "where has the time gone?" Life seems to pass us by as we work, take care of our families, ourselves, and everything else.

Other times, we're so overwhelmed, we can't even decide where to start.

That's where the Define My Day Planner & Journal will help.

Using our method, you'll develop the ability to focus your time and energy on what matters most while avoiding costly distractions that suck the life from you.

The end result is a more productive, happier you.

We are on a mission to help people learn to love life.

You deserve to be happy in whatever you choose to do. Free of regret. You have one life and you should enjoy it, even your mistakes. That happens when we align our daily actions with what we love most. Because, only then, can we say that we lived life to the fullest and with integrity.

Develop Focus on What Matters

You're busy and don't need more work to do. Define My Day™ was created to be a quick and easy way to develop a focus on the most important tasks you need to accomplish to create the life you want.

Easy to use, amazing results

Define My Day is the simple planner that helps you defeat distraction and focus on what matters.

- Develop a Priority Focus
- Improve Your Mindset
- Create Healthy Habits

Habit and Discipline Tracking

- Develop daily healthy habits with the weekly tracker
- Six basic disciplines with room to add more
- Grow at your own pace as you become more effective and efficient


- 80% or more of the average person's thoughts can be negative
- Train your brain toward opportunity, positivity, and growth.
- Space for 19 personalized affirmations
- Located just inside the front cover for easy reference

Goal Planning

- Identify how you will move toward your ideal self
- Plan your personal, professional, health, and relationship goals for the next 4 weeks
- Identify key weekly milestones that will move you toward your goals
- Each week, rate your progress and identify ways to improve your results

Daily Focus

- Identify the daily priorities that will move you forward
- Mindset exercises to practice appreciation and positivity
- Identify potential distractions to grow your awareness of what erodes your time and energy.
- The daily ritual that will keep you focused on your goals and your mindset fixed on positivity and growth.

Nightly Review

- The most successful people in the world journal their thoughts daily
- Get your thoughts on paper about what went right, what went wrong, and how you can improve tomorrow.
- Keep a record of your progress and the story of your defined life.

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