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Defined Life

Define My Year

Define My Year

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Unleash Your Potential with the Define My Day™ Planner & Journal Define My Year Bundle.

Choose Your Ideal Planner Bundle:

  • 13 Original Blue Covers: Embrace a year of consistency and clarity with 13 Define My Day Planners, each featuring our classic, serene blue cover. Perfect for those who appreciate a uniform, streamlined approach to their year.
  • Color Variety Bundle: Add a splash of color to your planning with a bundle that includes 3 Pink Vine, 3 Purple, 3 Pink, 3 Teal, and 1 Red Define My Day Planners. This vibrant selection is ideal for those who love variety and a bit of color-coded organization.
  • Seasonal and Special Edition Bundle: Journey through the year with a seasonal touch, featuring Autumn, Winter, Spring covers, plus additional unique designs including Red, Blue, Leather Pattern, Purple, Teal, the rare Discontinued White, and the patriotic Limited Edition American Flag. This bundle is perfect for those who want to celebrate each season and enjoy a collection of exclusive designs.
  • Platinum Edition 4-Pack: For those seeking a touch of luxury and durability, opt for the 4-pack of Define My Day Platinum Edition Hardcover Planners. Each planner encompasses 13 weeks, making up a full year of premium planning experience.

Simplify Your Life, Amplify Your Success

Define My Day™ is not just a planner, it's a lifestyle transformation tool. It's designed to help you prioritize your tasks, eliminate distractions, and focus on your most important goals. With our planner, you can:

  • Develop a priority-centered focus
  • Enhance your mindset
  • Establish healthy habits

    daily planner

    Experience the Power of Mindful Planning

    With Define My Day™, you'll gain a heightened awareness of how you spend your time, improve your ability to prioritize tasks, and increase your discipline to prevent distractions. You'll also enjoy more quality time with loved ones, more opportunities for leisure, and consistent progress towards your ideal life.

      Effortless Daily Planning for All Lifestyles

      Our streamlined 5 to 10-minute process keeps you centered on your goals without adding unnecessary tasks. Whether you're a student, business owner, healthcare professional, retiree, or stay-at-home parent, Define My Day™ is your key to a more focused, productive life. 

      daily planner

      Flexible Planning for Your Unique Journey

      Define My Day™ offers a structured yet adaptable framework to help you make consistent progress towards your goals, even as life's circumstances change. Choose from a 12-week 3-pack or Define My Year 13-pack, each featuring 4 weeks of goal planning, habit tracking, and journaling.

      Join the Define My Day™ Community

      Don't just take our word for it. Read our customer reviews and see how Define My Day™ has transformed their lives. Become a part of our supportive community and start your journey towards a more defined, fulfilling life today.

      Planner Specifications:

      • Choose from a 12-week 3-pack or Define My Year 13-pack
      • Each book features 4 weeks of goal planning, habit tracking, and journaling
      • 42 lined pages for personalized notes
      • Convenient 9x6" size for on-the-go planning
      • Monthly goal tracking for personal, professional, and health objectives
      • Space for affirmations, weekly milestone planning, and progress review

      Upgrade your daily routine with Define My Day™ and experience a life of greater focus, achievement, and balance.

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