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Defined Life

Platinum Power Bundle

Platinum Power Bundle

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Define My Day Platinum Planner & Journal (Quantity)

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Unleash Your Full Potential with the Define My Day Platinum Power Bundle

Bundle Overview: The Define My Day Platinum Power Bundle is a comprehensive set of tools designed for those who seek to maximize their productivity and personal development. This premium bundle features the Define My Day Platinum Edition Planner, accompanied by a selection of elegant and functional accessories to enhance your planning experience.

Included in the Bundle:

Define My Day Platinum Edition Planner:

  • Elevated Planning Experience: A larger 8.5x11" format with a hardcover design for durability and spacious planning.
  • 13 Weeks of Focused Planning: Includes a special 13th week for rest, recovery, and refocusing.
  • Premium Features: Blue integrated ribbon bookmark and a hard protective storage sleeve for convenience and protection.

    Stickable Pen Loop:

    • Convenience at Hand: Ensures your pen is always within reach for immediate note-taking.
    • Universal Design: Fits a variety of writing instruments, enhancing versatility.

      Pilot Explorer Lightweight Fountain Pen in Gift Box (Gold Barrel):

      • Elegant Writing Instrument: A striking gold barrel fountain pen, perfect for a smooth and luxurious writing experience.
      • Ideal for All Writing Occasions: Whether for notes, journaling, or creative writing, this pen adds a touch of elegance.

      Adhesive Vinyl Pockets for Journals:

      • Organizational Efficiency: Transparent pockets for storing notes, receipts, and other essentials.
      • Versatile and Practical: Adds functionality to your planner or journal.

      Post-it Tabs by 3M:

      • Easy Referencing: Bright, durable tabs for quick marking and easy access to important sections.
      • Multi-purpose Use: Great for planners, binders, and notebooks.

      Defined Life Assessment Tool (Digital Download):

      • Personal Growth Tool: Assists in evaluating key life areas for a deeper understanding of personal goals and progress.
      • Instant Access: Available for immediate use to complement your planning journey.
      Why Choose the Define My Day Power Bundle?
      • Holistic Planning Solution: A complete set of tools for an enhanced planning and personal development experience.
      • Quality and Elegance: Each item in the bundle is chosen for its functionality and aesthetic appeal.
      • Focus on Growth: Designed to support your journey towards achieving personal and professional goals.

      Transform Your Planning into an Art The Define My Day Power Bundle is not just about organizing your schedule; it's about transforming your daily planning into an art form. It's a commitment to excellence in every aspect of your life, from personal goals to professional achievements. Embrace this journey with the Define My Day Power Bundle and experience the transformation in your productivity and personal growth.

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