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Define My Life Starter Kit

Define My Life Starter Kit

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Learn to Prioritize What Matters with our all-new Define My Life Starter Pack!

Develop a deep connection with your goals, avoid costly daily distractions, and become a more balanced, healthy version of yourself! 

steps to success

Included in this Package:

  • The Defined Life Planner
  • 3x Define My Day Planners of your choice
  • Your Choice of Pens
  • Your Choice of Accessory
  • The Defined Life Planner Intro Course
  • The All-New Weekly Life Assessment Tool

Begin with Small Steps of Progress

Use the Defined Life Planner's visual goal-planning process to connect your purpose with your goals. You'll become acquainted with our daily planning process as you gain positive momentum over the next 12 weeks. Then, during Week 13, take a step back, assess your progress, and wrap up any loose ends.

Define Your Days

To begin week 14, you'll transition to the Define My Day Planner and Journal, which adds to the process. You'll develop more detailed goals, create healthy habits, and begin to journal your progress each day. 

This is the holistic planning process you've been waiting for, and since you have completed the Defined Life Planner, you'll be ready to take the next step. 

Don't get intimidated! This process is still meant to be quick and easily accomplished in minutes per day. But the results will be amazing. 


In your starter kit, you'll get:

  • Free Pens
  • A Free Accessory
  • Free access to the Defined Life Intro Course to get you started on the right foot!
  • Plus, free access to our new weekly life assessment so that you can monitor your progress as you go. 

Don't pass up this offer!

Don't waste another day, stuck and overwhelmed. Stop wasting your energy on actions and worries that don't serve you. Grab the Define My Life Starter Kit and move forward in your life with focus!

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