Meditation - The Next Daily Habit

Meditation - The Next Daily Habit

Meditation may be the most important habit not included in the Define My Day list of vital behaviors. There are numerous health benefits associated with meditation. Unfortunately, something as simple as a mind exercise has been lost in the busy-ness of the day.

Here are 5 reasons why you should begin meditating each day.

  1. It helps reduce stress and anxiety
  2. It improves concentration
  3. It increases self-awareness and will-power
  4. It improves your overall health
  5. It improves decision making

The Most Important Reason

We practice playing instruments, sports, and any skill we want to improve. It is just as important to practice the most common action we take each day, thought.
The act of meditation is the same as lifting weights to build muscle. It helps strengthen the brain. You will need that as you develop more daily discipline. Defining your days can be hard. It involves structure, discipline, and sometimes, sheer willpower. Meditation helps you build the mental strength you need to keep improving.
Both meditation and living a more disciplined life get easier, and more fun, over time. It's important to practice every day and focus on small steps of improvement. In time, as with defining your days, meditation will become a part of your day you most look forward to experiencing.

How to Start

You can find some free exercises online via Google search or on YouTube. Our preferred method is with the Headspace app. It offers a few exercises for free. You can do those over and over or, pay to access more advanced exercises.
Finally, as with any habit... just start. It will be hard at first. You won't know what you are doing. It may even feel like torture. In time, it will get easier and as you get better. You will enjoy the time to exercise your brain.
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