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DMD SK Choices

Excellent price and love the colors!


Love these pens - the colors are great and I love how they write!


Great stickers - designed to be fun but also inspirational!

Love the colors and how they write

Wonderful tool to a organized life

I love my journal. Huge help in my crazy life.

Love these pens

Smooth writing and the erasable feature is insanely amazing!!!

Love, love,love these pens and the colors! Just beautiful!

I love this G2 pen - the colors are awesome and it writes beautifully!

Love these stickers!


I love these pens and how they write. I have a tremor in my hand and for some reason it isn't as obvious when I write with these pens. They fit comfortably in my hand and I love the fine point. The colors are such fun colors that you enjoy writing even if it's not a favorite task.

I love this planner and journal. Life can get hectic and things overlooked or pushed astray depending on. With this daily planner I am mindful of my priorities and tend to get more accomplished while reducing stress levels.

Love this sticker set

Just what I needed


These cards are sturdy and pleasingl to the eyes. Each card helps me find that quiet place of serenity in my daily chaotic life.

Stickers are Spot On!

I love the stickers! The sayings and encouraging words help me to stay focus!

Gratitude Insight Cards
Cindy Ward
A wonderful set of thoughtful, useful gratitude cards

I really like this set of cards. The cards are all thoughtful and thought-provoking, and I like that they came in a box! I definitely recommend them to anyone wanting to improve their gratitude practice.

Helps me stay focused

This is helping me focus my energy more each day!

I love the layout as it guides me to focus and control my ADD brain.
Very well coordinated!

This has been awesome at helping me develope a daily routine and focus on improving and implementing new habits.

Wonderful Planner!

I love this planner! I've been using it for about 6 months and It has really helped me keep my daily, weekly, and monthly goals in mind! I don't do well with phone apps that try to keep my goals in mind. It's too hard for me to constantly be in the app and trying to move goals around, etc. Maybe I'm old school, but I like things written down in hard copy.

I love how each day in this planner has three priorities, with tasks under each. You fill them all in with whatever you want to accomplish that day! There's also extra room on each page to write down other goals or thoughts or important information. For every week, there's a place to write your weekly goals, obstacles or distractions, and accomplishments that you feel proud of. It's been the most useful planner I've ever owned!!!

The only reason I rated it four instead of five stars is, I'm really into sustainable products and each planner has a plastic front and back cover. While that's useful, I would prefer a hard cardboard-type front and back cover, to make the entire product less harmful to the environment. However, (see below) I may never throw these planners away, so that may be less of an issue to the environment! 🥰

I will probably keep all of my 3-month Defined Day Planners because after they function as a way to keep my day/week/month on track, they may also function (in a larger sense) as a diary of my life going back over months and years.

I love this planner!!! If you're hesitant, try it out!

I only use these pens now! Love them