The Top 5 Healthy Habits to Maximize Your Day

The Top 5 Healthy Habits to Maximize Your Day

Healthy Habits That Propel You Forward

Providing yourself a healthy foundation enables you to attack each day with positivity and energy. These are the top 5 healthy habits that we recommend each day.


Scheduling ten minutes of meditation each morning starts your mind in the right direction before distractions of the day invade your thought processes. Meditation reduces stress, helps increase self-awareness, improves concentration, and may even help you develop new neural connections that can help in memory retention. 

It can be a hard habit to begin, but within a few weeks, you may find yourself craving the few moments of peace before your hectic day.


C'mon, you knew this right? The benefits are numerous... increased overall health, less chance of disease, increased energy, you'll look better, feel better, and maybe even increase that sex drive. Why wouldn't you do it? 

You don't have time you say? 

We call BS. You have time for what you make time for. In fact, you're probably costing yourself time by not exercising. As in, a shorter life, lower quality of life, and less energy and mental concentration to accomplish tasks efficiently.

BONUS: Exercise is a keystone habit. That means that it causes most people to develop other, healthier habits... like eating well. 


This is another "no time for that" habit. We all have a hard time squeezing in eight hours of sleep. Let's say you shoot for seven. That's about the bottom of the healthy spectrum. Any less and you risk symptoms like decreased memory, low energy, irritability, and a higher risk of dementia.

Basically, you operate at less than 100% now, making today worse, and increase the chances that you won't be happy when you finally get to retirement age. 


General rule: Half of your body weight in ounces of water. Get ready for a regular bathroom break. 

Staying hydrated keeps the body operating at peak capacity, the metabolism running at full speed, and helps flush toxins from your cells. It also helps you feel full so if you do adopt a good diet and are feeling hungry, drinking water could help you out a bit.


Read a book. Every day. 

Go out and get a book about personal development, motivation, or a skill that would increase your capacity and productivity. 

A biography about a person you admire wouldn't be bad either. The point is to find inspiration, learn new tasks, and gain insight into your mindset and actions.

Ok, that's it for our Top 5 Health Habits. Do you have one that you recommend? What did we leave out?

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