Time and Our Unknown Account Balance

Time and Our Unknown Account Balance

Time is our most important resource. With more time, we can be with our loved ones, work for more money, enjoy more experiences, and relax more. But, to get all of those things, we must spend time. The cruel joke is that we never know how much we have left.

Can you imagine going to your banking website to check your balance and it saying, "UNKNOWN"?

We can check our bank account balance by hopping online at any time. We can see how much money we have spent, what we have left, and if we need to work overtime to earn more. Time doesn't work that way. We have a limited amount, but we may run out today or fifty years from now. And, because we don't see that balance, we don't feel the need to spend our time wisely. We waste it.

Is that you? Do you waste time every day? Do you work hard, get pulled in every direction, miss time with the people that matter, feel exhausted at the end of the day and don't have an equal amount of results to show for your effort?

That needs to stop.

Realize now that you have a limited account balance of time in your life. Most of the things that we do on a daily basis don't matter. When we pass, nobody is going to care about 90% of what we do. Our legacy is created by our ability to focus on what matters, making a difference in our corner of the world.

Spend your time making your mark. It may impact thousands of people, it may only be important to a special few that are close to you. But, it is not done by wasting your time.

If your account balance were to dry up tomorrow, how would you feel? Would you change what you are doing today? It's a cliche to say "treat every day like your last." Most of them aren't. But, one is. And all of the days leading up to it are where our legacies are built. 

Spend your time wisely. Stop wasting it on distractions. Focus on your priorities.

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