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Your Guidebook for a Defined Life

Our planners are designed to be your go-to tool to plan your most ideal life.

No matter your situation, Define My Day is the planner to stay focused and healthy along your path.


Which planner is for me?

The right planner for you depends on your specific needs, goals, and personal preferences. Here's a brief overview of our Define My Day planners to help you decide:

  1. Original Define My Day Planner and Journal: This planner is designed to help you set and track goals for 4 weeks. It includes room to plan and journal, allowing you to align daily actions with your long-term goals, and is typically sold in a 3-pack with a variety of color options. This planner is ideal if you're looking for something straightforward and compact.
  2. Define My Day Platinum Edition: This planner has a larger, hardcover design and includes a 13-week planning process, including an all-new Week 13 for rest and recovery. It's perfect if you prefer a longer planning period and like a more robust design.
  3. Defined Life Planner: This planner uses the same daily process as Define My Day but does not include habit tracking or journaling. Instead, it includes a visual goal-planning process. This planner is a great starting point for those new to the process or those who prefer to journal separately.

Each planner helps you to focus on what matters most to you and helps you to live more authentically, in alignment with your values.

Why use the 28-day timeframe and not 30 or 31?

The reason for using a 28-day cycle in the Define My Day planner is to emphasize routine and habit formation over strict adherence to a calendar month. A 28-day cycle fits neatly into any month and starting a new cycle every 4 weeks helps to reinforce the development of new habits and routines.

This timeframe allows you to focus on the process and your personal growth rather than being tied to a traditional calendar structure. It encourages you to start any day you choose and maintain a consistent routine that works best for you.

The ultimate goal is to help you align your daily actions with your long-term goals, regardless of the calendar date. This way, you can make consistent progress towards becoming your most authentic and fulfilled self.

How soon will I receive my order?

Most orders ship within 24 hours from our warehouse in Pittsburgh, PA. Priority Mail typically takes 2-3 days. USPS Ground can take 2-5 days.

Can't I just use a notepad?

You absolutely can write your goals and daily plans in a notepad. However, the Define My Day Planner has been carefully designed to guide you through a proven system that helps you focus on what truly matters and makes the process of aligning your daily actions with your long-term goals easier and more organized.

The Define My Day Planner includes prompts for setting monthly goals, weekly milestones, and daily priorities, and for identifying distractions and appreciations that you might overlook in a regular notepad. It also includes spaces for journaling and tracking progress.

Additionally, the planner acts as a consistent reminder to review your goals and progress regularly. It's a tool that not only holds your thoughts but also directs your thinking towards a more mindful, purposeful approach to life.

So, while you can use a notepad, the Define My Day Planner offers a structured and guided approach, designed to help you live more authentically and in alignment with your values.

How is the Define My Day Planner different from a typical planner or organizer?

The Define My Day Planner is designed not just to help you organize your days, but to help you live more consciously, authentically, and with a stronger alignment to your values and goals. Here's how it differs from a typical planner or organizer:

  1. Focus on What Truly Matters: Unlike a typical planner, Define My Day encourages you to align your daily actions with your long-term goals. It helps you to focus on what genuinely matters to you, rather than just getting through a to-do list.
  2. Structured Goal-Setting Process: The Define My Day process guides you through a step-by-step goal-setting process, helping you to break down your broad goals into manageable monthly goals, weekly milestones, and daily priorities.
  3. Mindfulness and Gratitude: The planner includes sections for you to identify what you appreciate and what you enjoy each day, promoting a daily practice of mindfulness and gratitude.
  4. Thematic Approach: At the end of each day, you're encouraged to summarize your day with a theme, helping you to focus on the big picture and reflect on the overall direction of your life.
  5. Habit Tracking and Journaling: The planner includes space for habit tracking and journaling, allowing you to monitor your progress and reflect on your thoughts and feelings.
  6. Identifying and Avoiding Distractions: The planner helps you identify distractions that might pull you off course, helping you to stay focused and make the most effective use of your time.

Remember, using the Define My Day Planner is about more than just organization—it's about intentional living, personal growth, and becoming your most fulfilled and balanced self.

What can I use this for? Work? Home?

The Define My Day Planner is a versatile tool that can be used for all aspects of your life, including work, home, personal growth, and relationships. It's designed to help you balance and make progress in every area that matters to you. Here's how:

  1. Work: You can use the planner to set and track your professional goals, manage your tasks, and improve your productivity. It can help you align your daily actions with your long-term career objectives, and identify distractions that might be hindering your productivity at work.
  2. Home: The planner is also a great tool for managing household chores, organizing family schedules, and setting personal goals for your home life. It can help you find a balance between your work and home responsibilities.
  3. Personal Growth: The Define My Day Planner encourages you to set personal goals, develop new habits, and cultivate a growth mindset. It provides space for journaling and self-reflection, helping you to understand yourself better and make personal improvements.
  4. Relationships: You can also use the planner to set goals for improving your relationships, whether it's spending more quality time with your family, nurturing friendships, or building a stronger relationship with your partner.

Remember, the ultimate goal of the Define My Day process is to help you live more authentically and in alignment with your values. That means it can be applied to any aspect of your life that you want to improve or balance. Enjoy the journey!

I have other questions not answered here...

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