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Defined Life

Defined Life Planner

Defined Life Planner

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The new Defined Life Planner provides a simplified process to help you focus on what matters to you. 

Designed for those just beginning or simply not interested in journaling and habit tracking offered in our other planners.

The Defined Life planner will help you learn to travel your ideal path by focusing on daily activities that lead to your goals while avoiding the "desert of distraction" that pulls you off course.

You still get the core of Define My Day: the daily planning page, which includes daily priority planning, mindset prompts, and a graphical weekly and monthly planning process. 

This is exactly how Nick started with Define My Day before adding in the more detailed aspects of the process. So, if you're looking to start small, the Defined Life planner is the perfect way to gain momentum with our life-changing process.

  • Simple, easy-to-follow planning technique that helps you break down goals into manageable daily steps.
  • A proven process to develop positive momentum.
  • 12 weeks of planning PLUS Week 13 to rest, recover, and regroup!
  • Durable plastic cover and strong spiral binding.
  • 9"x6" dimension for easy transport.
  • Also available in a Define My Year 4-Pack!
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