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Copper Bottle Hammered (1L)

Copper Bottle Hammered (1L)

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Elevate Your Hydration While Defining Your Day

As part of your Define My Day routine, this bottle serves as a daily reminder to prioritize your well-being, just like you prioritize your goals and tasks.

A Conscious Choice for a Defined Life

Choosing our copper bottle isn't just a choice for better hydration; it's a commitment to a more defined, purposeful lifestyle. Say no to the health and environmental risks of plastic bottles and yes to a choice that aligns with your values.

Thoughtfully Crafted for Intentional Living

Every element of the copper bottle is designed with the same care and intentionality. Minimal branding lets you focus on what truly matters, making it a perfect companion for your daily reflections and goal-setting.

Leak-Proof, Like Your Defined Plans

Your copper bottle comes with a screw-top lid and a gasket to ensure your water stays where it should.

Key Features for a Defined Lifestyle

  • Made from 100% pure copper for aligned living
  • Holds 32 oz, enough to keep you hydrated as you tackle your day's priorities
  • Screw-top lid
  • Infuse your water with trace amounts of copper by storing it overnight

Easy Maintenance for a Lasting Impact

Maintain the bottle's shine with natural cleaning solutions like lemon juice, sea salt, or vinegar, reflecting the purity and simplicity that Define My Day encourages in your life.

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